Implant considerations in the anticoagulated patient: a review

  • Nicholas J. Toscano | DDS, MS, Private Practice, New York, NY, United States.
  • Dan J. Holtzclaw DDS, MS, Private Practice, Austin, TX, United States.
  • Harvey D. Moss DDS, MS, Department Head for Endodontics at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC, United States.
  • Nicholas Shumaker DDS, MS, Department Head for Periodontics at th Naval Health Clinic, Quantico, Virginia, United States.


Oral anticoagulation therapy is one of the most prevalent forms of treatment used in contemporary medicine. It is estimated that more than 50 million Americans adhere to some type of anticoagulation regimen. With an increase in implants and implant related surgical procedures done in the dental office, dentists should be well versed in the management and potential complications that can arise from patients undergoing anticoagulation therapy. The purpose of this article is to review contemporary oral anticoagulation therapy and offer literature based recommendations on the perioperative management of these patients in the practice of implant dentistry.



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Dental Implants, Implant complications, Oral medicine, Pharmacologic protocol
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Toscano, N. J., Holtzclaw, D. J., Moss, H. D., & Shumaker, N. (2010). Implant considerations in the anticoagulated patient: a review. Journal of Osseointegration, 2(3), 84-91.