A systematic review about randomized clinical trials on digital impressions on sound teeth


Aim In the dental literature there are a number of studies about digital impressions. They mainly are focused on the reproducibility of the measurements or on the validity, accuracy, trueness and precision of the scans compared with conventional materials, or on the reaction of patients to these new methods. The purpose of this study was to systematically review existing clinical trials reporting about intra oral scanning procedures on sound teeth.

Materials and methods  PubMed, Cochrane Library and Web of Science databases were electronically searched and enriched by hand searches. The query terms “randomized clinical trials”, “in vivo study”, “sound teeth”, “intraoral scanner”, “digital dentistry” combined with the Boolean operators “OR” and “AND” have been used. No language or time limitation was applied.  Selection criteria: oly randomized in vivo studies where sound teeth had been scanned intraorally were considered.

Results Twenty-four out of more than three hundred studies were selected for the review.

Conclusion In literature there are enough randomized clinical trials about sound teeth. They report about many clinical aspects.


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digital dentistry, intraoral scanner, digital impressions
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